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Meet Dr. Hammond

Dr. Hammond is passionate about neurology. She loves learning about the brain and its innerworkings. Dr. Hammond has over 15 years of experience evaluating and treating people with neurological diseases. She is board certified in Neurology, Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology.

Dr. Hammond completed medical school at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. She then moved to Chicago to do her residency and fellowship in Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology at Rush University School of Medicine. She has been a faculty member at the University of Kansas School of Medicine ever since. She has trained countless medical students and residents in neurology.

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Dr. Hammond served as the medical director for the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. In that role she gained experience in establishing and operating both an outpatient epilepsy center and and epilepsy monitoring unit. 

Dr. Hammond’s special interest is the evaluation and treatment of women with epilepsy. She provides support and education to women managing pregnancy and epilepsy and has given educational talks to other physicians about this challenging topic.

Envision Neurology

The mission of Envision Neurology is improving the care of people with epilepsy and other neurological diseases. The aim of Envision Neurology to serve as a comprehensive resource for people with epilepsy and other neurological disease, especially women with epilepsy. Envision Neurology provides up to date information on the best treatment and preventative strategies for people with neurological diseases.

Envision Neurology also provides services to other healthcare professionals and organizations. Dr. Hammond has 15+ years of caring for people with neurological diseases. She has extensive experience real time EEG interpretation including critical care EEG interpretation and consulting in the ICU. She offers these services to other physicians and healthcare organizations.This includes establishing an epilepsy monitoring unit and operation of an epilepsy center. Dr. Hammond also does expert witness consulting and case reviews for neurological legal cases.

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